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Gum / Tissue Recession Treatment

Treatment of Gum Recession

Often times, roots of teeth become exposed as a result of gum recession. Teeth begin to appear to look longer than normal as the gum tissues move towards the root. Gum graft surgery can help prevent the recession from getting worse, and in many cases, can even cover some of the exposed root surfaces to provide improved support for the teeth and a more esthetic smile.

Gum / Tissue grafting is an attempt to repair the gum line to a state of health and prevent further recession. Gum grafts can be taken from the patient's own tissues as well as from donor tissues, depending on the patient's initial presentation and symptoms. Free gingival grafts involve harvesting autogenous tissue (patient's own tissue) from the patient's roof of the mouth and transplanting it to the site that needs treatment. Connective tissue grafts also harvest autogenous tissue and are used to help obtain root coverage and thicken the tissues in order to provide additional support and an esthetic result. Autogenous tissues are often considered the gold standard.

A minimally invasive approach to gum grafting involves a procedure known as "tunneling". This procedure creates a small pouch beneath the gums and uses donor tissue to thicken the patient's gums and even can cover exposed root surfaces in certain indications. The benefit is that the grafted tissue does not need to be taken from the patient's roof of the mouth, thus reducing patient discomfort.

Gum grafts often provide a combined benefit of improving both function and health- crucial to chewing, speaking and smiling with comfort and confidence.

Causes of Gum Recession

  • Age
  • Gum disease
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Plaque accumulation
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Trauma to the gums

Indications for Gum Recession

  • Decay on root surfaces
  • Increased sensitivity- especially to hot and cold
  • Esthetic concerns
  • Prevention of tooth and bone loss

Benefits of Gum Grafting Surgery

  • Prevent further recession and bone loss
  • Improved tissue thickness
  • In some cases, obtain coverage on the exposed root surfaces
  • Improve the esthetics of the smile

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Esthetic Crown Lengthening / "Gummy" Smile Treatment


Do you feel your teeth are too short or show too much gum tissue when you smile? This is called a "gummy smile" and can be treated with a procedure known as esthetic crown lengthening. This involves removing some excess gum tissues to expose more of the tooth crown and resculpting the gums to fit your teeth better. This will ultimately make the teeth longer and improve the smile's esthetic appearance.

Crowns are often required if a tooth is broken below the gum line. However, sometimes the crown is too close to the patient's gums and bones. In these cases, a procedure known as crown lengthening is needed to gain enough space for the crown or filling. Crown lengthening adjusts the levels of the bone and gums to expose more tooth structure and allows for a properly fitting crown to be made.

What is Teeth Crown Lengthening?

Teeth crown lengthening is a dental procedure involving removing gum tissue or bone to expose more of the tooth surface. This is done to prepare the tooth for a crown or a filling or to improve the aesthetics of a gummy smile. The procedure can be performed on one tooth or multiple teeth.

Types of Teeth Crown Lengthening

There are two types of teeth crown lengthening:

  1. Functional Crown Lengthening - This type of crown lengthening is done to restore damaged teeth or to create more space for restorative materials such as crowns, bridges, or fillings.
  2. Esthetic Crown Lengthening - This type of crown lengthening is done to improve the appearance of the teeth by exposing more of the tooth surface, reducing the appearance of a gummy smile, and creating a more symmetrical smile.

Benefits of Teeth Crown Lengthening

Teeth crown lengthening offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved oral health: By exposing more of the tooth surface, teeth crown lengthening allows for better oral hygiene, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Better aesthetics: Teeth crown lengthening can improve the appearance of a gummy smile, creating a more symmetrical and attractive smile.
  • Restorative options: Teeth crown lengthening provides more space for restorative materials such as crowns, bridges, or fillings, allowing for better functionality of damaged teeth.

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