New Jersey Dental Sedation Services

New Jersey Dental Sedation Services

Sedation Options

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is the use of local anesthesia or numbing medication injected into the area of the mouth to be treated. This type of anesthesia blocks the pain sensation during and after a surgical procedure.

Nitrous "Laughing Gas"

Are you nervous about going to the dentist? You don’t need to be anxious about coming to our practice. We offer oral surgery sedation to relax our patients.

Nitrous Dentistry

Nitrous Sedation is a controlled mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen you breathe in with a nasal mask. This sedation will make you feel relaxed and less nervous during the procedure. Oral medication can be administered with nitrous oxide for a more relaxing experience.

Also known as laughing gas, Nitrous is beneficial in calming a patient’s anxiety before a procedure. It is a non-smelling, non-irritating, colorless gas that you can breathe.

It is used primarily for its anesthetic and analgesic properties. It is a safe and effective gas that the patient inhales. It is a commonly used sedation technique in dentistry.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Are you highly anxious about visiting the dentist? We can administer an oral sedative to relax you before performing any procedure. Safe and effective, Oral Sedation allows you to remain awake and aware, but your anxiety will be reduced for any dental procedure.

Oral Sedation can also be combined with a fair amount of Nitrous Oxide gas to increase your relaxation.

Sedation Dentistry
Advantages to patients include:

  • Treatment is completed when you are in a more relaxed mood.
  • You will have less difficulty sitting through a lengthy procedure.
  • Multiple treatments and full mouth restorations can occur during the same visit.
  • Less discomfort after treatment.

IV Sedation

Comprehensive Conscious IV Sedation (moderate)

Conscious IV Sedation is also known as “twilight sleep.” Our doctors are specialty trained to offer this type of sedation. It is perfect for patients with strong gag reflexes and high dental anxiety or those requiring multi-visit procedures that can be done in the same visit, such as multiple implants. IV Sedation is also used in most oral surgery. The patient will be groggy after the procedure and will need a friend or family member to drive them home and monitor them for the next few hours.

General Sedation

General anesthesia is a combination of oral and IV (intravenous) medication that will sedate you to unconsciousness. Depending on the amount and type of medication administered will determine the depth of unconsciousness. In your unconscious state, you will not have any fear or anxiety. General anesthesia is a safe and effective way for patients to tolerate complex dental treatment.

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